God Changed Their Dream!

Today the Rutherfords are filled with joy knowing lives are being transformed as a result of people discovering Truth for themselves!

Patrick and Monalisa Rutherford lead Precept Inductive Bible Studies in the Caribbean.

Patrick and Monalisa Rutherford imagined the day they would live the American dream. In 1998 they left their home in the Bahamas and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, to begin a new life. Patrick took a teaching position at a Christian school and Monalisa made plans to pursue an accounting degree at a local college to become a CPA.

Although they were passionately pursuing their dreams, they felt empty and spiritually dry. They began to pray and God moved. They saw a sign in a local church for a Bible study class that grabbed their attention: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. Having no car and little money at the time, they wondered how they would attend the class. God provided their books, and after attending their first Precept Inductive Bible Study training, their lives would never be the same!

Precept Caribbean Director Patrick Rutherford teaches children Inductive Bible Study.

For the first time they felt God speaking to them in ways they had never experienced. The couple had owned a Bible most of their lives, but didn’t know the power of God’s Word until learning to study the Bible inductively.

In November of 1999 they attended a Couples’ Conference at Precept Ministries International in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where God spoke clearly to them. He gave them an overwhelming desire to return to the Bahamas and Caribbean to teach and train people in that region with the Inductive Bible Study Method.

The people of the Bahamas count it a privilege to attend Precept Inductive Bible Study Training

The Rutherfords began their journey in 2002 with two Precept classes. God answered their prayers in ways they never could have imagined. Today there are more than 49 classes and over 750 people studying throughout Barbados, Trinidad, Grenada, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

Patrick and Monalisa now share a new dream that thousands more in the Caribbean will learn to discover Truth for themselves. They have witnessed transformed lives resulting from the study of God’s infallible Word and they are passionate about helping to establish more people in God’s Word.